Meet Astrid Beatrice ...

Astrid Beatrice
Born July 10
6 pounds and 15 ounces
20.25 inches long

More pics to come!

The waiting game ...

I am not the most patient person, however, when it comes to having our little lady, I was willing to wait it out as long as possible since I was still feeling good, mobile and full of energy. Not to mention our "to-do" list is the size of Texas, however, things can really change in a day or two. Suddenly I'm feeling swollen, moody and just ready to have this pregnancy over with. I feel like I have been tethered to our apartment for the past few days, other than the bi-weekly Dr. visits. It doesn't help that the weather has been beyond toasty and humid, not a pregnant ladies friend, that is FO SHO!

My sister has this term that she uses when she is feeling unsocial and just all around moody .... she calls it feeling "savage." Well, that basically sums up how I've been feeling lately. It's to the point I actually am looking forward to labor to get out of the apt, have a job to do and then get back to reality .... well, reality with a baby ;) Hubs and I could be spending our down time preparing the nursery, but every time I come in to start sorting through things or organizing, I get completely overwhelmed and can't seem to get anything done. It's time for our little lady to come out now ... Mama is starting to go slightly crazy and Daddy cannot wait to meet you!

I would love to post some pics but for some reason, I am experiencing technical difficulties. When the Hubs comes home later today, I will get him to take a look!