So much stuff going on... so little time....

Or should I say, so little pictures AND time! There are lots and lots of changes going on at UpstateHaven at the moment but they all started happening, of course, after we left on Sunday to head back to Brooklyn. I did manage to take a few iPhone photos though to share with everyone!

The 1st floor bedroom has been mostly cleared out and repainted to a very very soft gray... with a slight violet tinge to it or even perhaps pink... I can't put my finger on it, but it turned out fantastic and I have a feeling it will be a very peaceful room to slumber in once it is complete and we have bedding.

*Don't mind the sister helping out in this pic. She REALLY loves to help me scrub floors etc ;)

I also have a picture of our semi-finished hallway, although I have not laid down the striped carpets I recently posted about, for fear they will get dirty while reno continues....

And lastly I took a quick pic of the new curtain tie-backs (is that what they are even called when they don't actually tie, just hold a curtain?)

* It is a very dark pic I realize now... but you can tell what it is. Another awesomely cheap purchase from kmart to match the curtain rods, YAY!

As I type this we have new shutters going up around the house, a new French door being installed to seperate the kitchen from the basement and our tiles in the kitchen, FINALLY! I will not say where we ordered said tiles, but let me tell you, it was like pulling teeth to get them delivered after several mixups!

More to come soon! xoxo

So much to share...

in terms of recent reno on the house Upstate, but sadly have not had a free moment to upload any pics... I am starting to really doubt myself as a blogger right now.

We are headed upstate once again this coming weekend for our annual family picnic on Saturday and then some more house stuff that we need to get completed. I have to say, one of the most fun things to see before and afters of would be the painting. It's unbelievable how dingy rooms get over the years and then are revived after some fresh color is applied to the walls.  

Hoping to have many many pics for everyone come Sunday or Monday :)

BTW - psyched to have finally found some black and white carpet runners for the hallway downstairs at Crate and Barrel!


There are QUITE a few things that I am currently obsessed with in terms of items we want/need (ok so maybe I want/need them) for the UpstateHaven. A few of them are listed below:
* It totally happened again people..... the one item I was convinced could not sell out of the Missoni Collection at Target (as the outdoor furniture season draws to a close) totally did! Nonetheless, it will remain on my list...

*Amazing chevron floor.... Picture via luxe + lillies
*Now I'm sure the Hasten beds are comfy as h*ll, but I honestly just want one for the navy plaid check. I don't even think I would put sheets on it so I could admire its beauty all day long ;)

*This whole look is just blowing my socks off! It's perfection! via my pinterest  

Until next time friends....

Why me???!!!!

Seriously, everytime Target has a new special designer (Missoni is in-stores currently) they ALWAYS manage to sell out of all the fab items before the workday starts AND the website was down for the longest time...GRRRRRR!  I would love to show you all said fab items that I wanted, but as I said before, their site is down yet again ... *sigh.

I have instructed my Sister (since she is upstate near a very quiet Target, unlike the Targets in Jersey that have already sold out of everything) to go after work and kindly search the entire store for the items that I really want, but were sold out online. Everyone make sure to send dear Kelsey positive Missoni shopping vibes (specifically the classic chevron throw).

Sorry that the Mr. and I have not posted anything fun on the site to show how far we have come in terms of reno... Magnus has been super swamped with work and he is the master of downloading any and all photos to our laptop. I know I should really learn, but my attention span is that of a flea and I find it really hard to follow as he quickly zips through it all.

Below are a select few photos that should show what is going on with the house for now (new light fixtures/living room/soon-to-be finished floor tiles). Enjoy!

* The "makeshift" curtain ties have GOT to go immediately. They were cute and quirky for the first few times we were up there, now they are just annoying!

*Apologies for the small pictures... not sure what happened in the process of uploading/emailing them to myself.

AND because she his just so darn cute, I will leave you with Emma!

* Hanging out in a homemade fort mommy so graciously made for her ;)

I must admit...

with all the flooding and disaster that has taken place over the past week Upstate and the surrounding areas, I'm finding it really hard to be inspired to blog about interior design or all the fun things that have been happening this past summer (weddings/Labor Day/decorating our home).  Luckily, the UpstateHaven house, my parents home and most of my friends parents homes are all located on hills, not that that doesn't mean anything hasn't been touched by the water ... I know my parents experienced minor water coming into their downstairs in both the bedroom and another room, but for the most part it has cleared up with the help of a dehumidifier, thank goodness! My heart really goes out to all the families who have had to evacuate and experienced any major flood damage to their homes and business and ESPECIALLY any pets who have been harmed. Flooding is devestating for anyone, but when it happens to such a rural area, it really saddens me because the resources are just not there to fix things up right away and return to normalcy.

We are really hoping that everyone is hanging in there and our thoughts and prayers are with all the families and businesses affected.

I wish I had a site that people can donate through, but am not aware of any. If anything comes to mind I will post it on here!

Full house this coming weekend....

I am both anxious and excited to have too many people staying over at our 1/4 renovated UpstateHaven this coming Labor Day weekend. We have 2 couples and 3 single guys (I think we will house them out in the backyard in a large tent) and then the couples will be staying on air mattresses in the house. It will defnitely make for an interesting and fun long weekend.

* This is going to be us MINUS the children.
Sunday we have plans to take out a pontoon boat in Cooperstown for the day. Let's hope the weather holds up, as it has been beyond lovely this entire week! Fingers crossed everyone, otherwise we will need to make some alternate plans. I guess there is always the brewery in Cooperstown and our local watering hole, Jerry's ;)

Hope everyone else has a fun weekend lined up before the fall officially starts!