So excited!

 My boss happens to be using an interior designer in order to finish up some decorating and bringing in some various pieces of furniture to his office/conf room. The designer was nice to enough to extend her savings at  Ballard Designs to us and said she would gladly order whatever furniture we wanted and use her corporate discount. HECK YEAH! Hello Atoll mirror and headboard from my most recent posts (even though they won't be here for a good month plus, I suppose I will survive)!

Tomorrow the Hubs and I are headed to his business partners wedding in Hoboken for the afternoon/night. Hope everyone else is up to something fun this weekend. The weather is supposed to be nice and sunny :)
I'll be rolling on home in about 30 mins to this little lady.... can't wait to have a family night in tonight and relax before the undoubtedly festive time tomorrow! Hoping to post some good stuff this weekend!

Tufted Headboards...

Make me swoon, however, I am not sure I can wait until September to get one delivered to me... it feels like an eternity! If you love tufted headboards as much as we do (pictures of potential headboards below courtesy of Ballard Designs), would you pick one with  nailheads or without? That brings me to another question... gold nailheads or silver?

Oh Happy Day...

First of all it's Friday, need I say more?! It may be hot as hades outside, BUT it's the weekend and a little steam isn't going to deter me from having fun!

Secondly, when the hubs and I were staying in Kennebunkport, ME over the latter part of our New England jaunt, we came across the BEST mirror EVER and we knew we just had to have it! It hung in the entrance of our Inn (Captain Fairfield Inn which is a MUST MUST MUST to stay at if you are ever in the area, more on that later ;)). Immediately we fell in love! I mean the decor of that Inn is AMAZING from top to bottom, but this mirror definitely bowled us over. After lots of internet searching and coming up with nada, I randomly came across the mirror on one of my fav blogs today, Haven and Home! Faster than the speed of light, I clicked on the link for: (where the mirror came from) and emailed them to find out where on earth they found this delight. Julie emailed me back and told me Ballard Designs, which has recently become one of my favorite furniture sites to peruse and hopefully to purchase from for the UpstateHaven in the future.

The hubs is in agreement that this beauty will be making an appearance on one of our many walls in the near future, YAY! Today was a success!

Here are a few pics of the Mirror from both the Inn and also from Ballard Designs site. It's really hard to get a real feel for what it looks like, but trust me, it's pretty great!

Is it just me, or is there something terribly satisfying when you finally find an item that you are lusting over after weeks of searching? Hope everyone is staying cool out there :)

It was another busy one...

today in the office. Have you ever changed jobs and just felt like "you can't teach old dogs new tricks?" Well that is how I was feeling today, but everything started to go smoothly once we got to the afternoon. I realize it is great to start at a new job and keep your mind/brain fresh, but boy oh boy is it hard to get into the swing of things when everything you have ever learned no longer applies.

Tonight me and the mr are headed out for a bike ride after we get home since our bikes are literally collecting dust in our garage right now. The only other time I have realy taken my bike out for a spin my tire deflated about 5 minutes in and I had to replace it. On the upside, while that was being worked on I FINALLY got a basket for the front. No, not a cute wicker one, but a very functional metal one which will suit me just fine :)

Hope everyone is trying to stay cool in this ridiculous heat wave we are having!

* Since I have no pics of my bike on my iPhone, I will leave you with this little diddy of our preferred method to get into the city via bike. It can be quite dangerous at times, but at least it brings us into the central area where we hang out!

Having a bit of a busy start to the week...

but should be back to blogging more regularly by tomorrow :)
I'll leave you with some pics of our past weekend spent upstate. We did some blueberry picking and then also hit up my all time favorite ice cream shop, The Penguin! They have one of the few ice cream machines in the world that allow you to produce your own flavor (they have over 100) at the drop of a hat and let me tell you, it is BEYOND tasty! I always tend to get the banana combinations and without fail, this past weekend I ended up with banana coconut and it was GOOOOOOOOOD! The hubs tried their seasonal red raspberry and that didn't disappoint either ;)

* Notice the hint of chocolate in my ice cream from the previous order.

Things have been a bit crazy....

so please bear with me. I have been wanting to update this blog for the past week, but just could not find the time. On Monday I came to a new law firm along with one of my Partner's from the previous job I had, so things have been all over the place this past week. I am now all settled in at my new position and headed upstate tonight for some more painting at the UpstateHaven!

I will keep this post short and to the point, otherwise I may wander off about the rest of our vacation and EVERYTHING that has been going on with work/UpstateHaven and life in general.

Last week the hubs and I were upstate for most of the week getting some much needed painting done on the weekend house. I had big dreams and visions of us painting 3 rooms on the main floor over the course of say 5 days.... TURNS OUT, I was being a time optimist BIG TIME! In reality we managed to paint one room, the new Office, and we aren't even completely finished. Between taking off the doors/shutters, taping and painting the trim it is turning into quite the project. We still have the paint the ceiling this weekend, but our goals are to start painting the living room as well to accomodate the new couch ;)

Here is a pic of the color we went with for the Office (all trim is being painting bright white in a semi-gloss finish to really make the color pop):

The color is Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore.

A nice little photo of yours truly getting ready to clean/buff the walls in the office and also my pic on the new offices NY Daily daily update when I joined the firm (it's a bit blurry, so forgive me) ;)

I will try my hardest to report throughout the weekend on any updates/changes we have made to the house as well as more updates on our little New England vacation. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

So much to write about right now...

So first thing's first... let's touch base on my lack of posting this last week. The hubs and I were on a tour of New England, as I have previously mentioned, hitting up Woodstock, VT/ North Woodstock, NH/ Southwest Harbor, ME (aka Acadia/Mount Desert)/ Kennebunkport, ME and finally Portsmouth, RI (Newport area). What a week it was! The weather was nearly perfect and sunny and there was hardly any traffic anywhere. I'm guessing the real vacation season doesn't kick off until after the 4th of July, so we just missed it.

The first day of our vaca we headed to Woodstock, VT for some lovely dining at The Red Rooster restaurant in the famous Woodstock Inn. We also hit up Long Trail Brewery on our way to pick up some tasty brews. If you have never been before, Woodstock, VT is the quaintest little town ever. Everything about it is really cute and just beautiful to look at. Everything from the Grass to the homes are perfectly manicured and taken care of. Although a bit sleepy at night, it is still great for dining early and just taking a leisurely stroll through the town and checking out the historic charm.

Below is a pic of The Red Rooster restaurant. This place had super tasty food and wine. The drink list was pretty fantastic as well. The atmosphere was very cozy and laid back, not at all stuffy as I had originally thought due to the location inside the Inn. There was an awesome water feature in the middle of all the tables that made it feel as though you were in some sort of open air restaurant (the pic is a bit dark, but you get the picture):

As much as I would love to ramble on about our entire vacation, I think I should cut to another topic (house related) and post about the rest of our vacation stops throughout the next few posts.

As you all know, we have been having a major overhaul of our roof and garage going on. When we stopped off last Saturday to drop off our sweet sweet Emma (*pic below) with my parents, we stopped by the UpstateHaven to check out what had been done so far to the roof. It was looking fantastic, however, there was a short pause on the garage roof due to rotten wood from the skylights. It all got taken care of while we were on our trip and the window literally JUST got put back in its place today. I have posted a few pics below of the new roof and will post more pics later on of the new window etc. It may not be the most exciting reno of a home, but it is definitely the most useful and worth it money wise :)

*The garage before the new window went in. More pics to come tomorrow!

Sorry to just sign off like this in the midst of all the house reno talk, but we have to go back up to the house to meet our delivery guys who are dropping off our first REAL piece of furniture. Feast your eyes on this beast below ;)

Be back soon...

Sorry we have been mia as of late ... The hubs and I have been on a little New England jaunt since last Saturday. We have hit up Woodstock, VT, North Woodstock, NH, Southwest Harbor, ME and Kennebunkport, ME so far and currently en route to Portsmouth, RI/Newport to meet up with some friends for the night. Looks like we are headed down south at just the right time because the traffic in the northbound lane is RIDICULOUS!

Some pics to come hopefully later today ... Tomorrow latest! Hope everyone is having a good start to their holiday weekend :)