Reno upon reno ...

We are currently in the midst of our downstairs bathroom renovation and things are looking great! Thanks to my Uncle David (carpenter extraordinaire!) our bathroom is getting a new lease on life. Our old bathroom had a "dusty rose" tiled wall and a horribly brown and white tiled floor. For added offense, it also had a lowered ceiling in the shower area because apparently dropped ceilings were all the rage back in the day! The only thing the poor space had going for it was the new toilet we had installed when we renovated our upstairs bathroom and the deep tub. Here are a few pics of the before situation:

*Would you just look at that beautifully tiled ceiling!!

We decided to save the tub since it is in excellent condition. Turns out that was a huge money saver! And since Magnus likes to stay out of as much of a reno as possible, I decided we would use white subway tiles throughout the entire shower area and covering a large portion of the walls. As for the floors, they will be a white carrara marble in a herringbone pattern. 

I did manage to sneak a few photos of how things are going so far:

Pics of the new sink (pedestal was not my 1st choice, but with such a small space I couldn't find the exact console I wanted under 26 inches) and newly tiled tub area. Hallelujah folks! You have no idea how skeeved out I was by this bathroom. I remember as a new Mom pumping on the floor of the bathroom in the middle of the night to try and keep things quiet in the bedroom, and even though it was clean, it still just always felt dirty in that old bathroom sort of way. 

So of course, once we got going on this reno, other projects started coming out of the wood work: Moving our closeted washer/dryer combo to the basement (*shiver), pushing out our side entrance and making a petite mud-room and then a much needed patio out back with french doors off of one of our current guest rooms. I guess this is what home ownership is all about ... the projects that never end! I must admit though, these are the types of things that keep me sane. I love renovations and am hoping to get my hands dirty in the future and help out with some of the manual labor myself.

Hoping to have some new updates soon and as per usual, striving to blog on a more regular basis!