Leaving on a jet plane...

Tomorrow Hubs and I are jetting off to his motherland to hang out with the fam-in-law and catch up with some long lost friends for 2 weeks.  The trip is bitter sweet because selfishly, I like to spend the holidays with my family since I have a couple siblings to keep the Christmas spirit alive (and wake up at the butt-crack of dawn with). I am looking forward to a little vacation though... even if it will entail social obligations pretty much everyday, all day.

We made a quick jaunt upstate to the Haven this past weekend and we took a butt load of pics with our Nikon... however, tis the season of being beyond busy and not getting anything done or uploaded.... *sigh. I did however manage to snap a few shots on my iPhone as usual and have posted them below. The pics are from our newly painted upstairs... which used to be orange...can you even imagine?

* Bookshelf that needed some freshening up!

* You can see in the back bedroom the wall that has been patched and ready to get primed...

We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and wish everyone a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year!

I have the best intentions of blogging while away, but I have to be realistic with myself and not make any promises that I would be unable to keep.

Puss och Kram (xoxo)!

T-minus 9 days...

until Hubs and I take off to Sweden for a nice vacation. I feel like I have so much to do in terms of getting ready for this holiday before I leave and can finally feel relaxed. All our family gifts have been purchased and only half are wrapped... I have TONS of sugar cookie dough in the fridge just waiting to be made into holiday shaped cookies..... I haven't even begun to think about packing and I need to make sure our cat has all her provisions before shipping her off to her UpstateHaven (haha) to be with my family for the time we are away.

This past week, as you know, my Mom and Brother were in town on Friday night and then my friend Melis was in town for Saturday night.... I felt overwhelmed at the thought of so many guests in one weekend, but once the actual weekend rolled around it felt fantastic to have so many loves in town with me. We also met up with one of Hubbie's childhood friends on Sunday for a coffee in the afternoon. It was a very social weekend indeed! We did get a chance to go for a long walk and do some window shopping on Sunday before meeting up for coffee..... while we were perusing the windows, I came across this sign at a bakery:

* While this may offend some parents out there, I think it is absolutely hilarious!

Hoping to have some good quality decor posts after this coming weekend when we will be up at our UpstateHaven for the night on Saturday. There has been some painting going on in the upstairs part of the house and we finally got some new gutters.... oh the excitement ;)

I will leave you with this picture of our annual Christmas tree (please excuse the horrible lighting and bluriness) ...

For some reason this year we have been experiencing major light outages from our strands of lights and it is super frustrating to come home to half a strand out pretty much weekly. What gives?

Why oh why....

must my place of employment be oh so very rigid with their employees on when they can leave on a sleepy Friday night when the persons family is in town? I come in 30 minutes early every single stinking day... I think that constitutes leaving an hour early on Friday's don't  you?  *(long) sigh

TGIF folks....

It's been a long week of work/getting the ready for the holidays, prepping the apt for guests and putting together the MOST difficult Ikea wardrobe known to man. I don't know about all of you, but the Hubs and I both have a love for clothes and shoes and we had run out of storage space ions eons ago (thank you Marcus).... resulting in clothing piles in basically both bedrooms of our apt. With guests coming into town and and my strong dislike of sifting through clothes piles daily to find what I need, we broke down and finally got a new storage system for our bedroom. The wardrobe looks fantastic all put together and the red really adds a little something extra to our white/gray room, but boy oh BOY was she hard to put together... we are talking a two day project (being married to a Swede, that is pretty much unacceptable ha). I will be sure to posts some pics of the final product though after this weekend :) It really did clean up our space TONS!

So tonight my mom and brother are coming into town (they are actually en route as I type this) and I am so excited to do some shopping/dining with them if only for a few hours. My friend Melissa also comes to stay with us this weekend after my family leaves on Saturday. We have big plans to go and see "Martha Marcy May Marlene" and I am pretty pumped! Tomorrow night we will be having a leisurely dinner with some good girlfriends and that pretty much sums up my weekend plans.

You will have to excuse my lack of posting ... there is really no excuse, but with the holidays coming up I feel like I have been 150% go go go.

I am ill prepared with any fun UpsateHaven pics or new Wardrobe pics, but I thought I would leave everyone with a beautiful hair style and hair accessory that is beyond gorgeous for the holidays or any peeps tying the knot anytim soon ;)

* Photo via WhoWhatWear (I only WISH I was this creative with my own lifeless locks)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and make sure to dress warm as those wintry temps have finally caught up to us!