Oh the progress we have made...

  This weekend was a super productive one upstate. On Saturday am we met with my Uncle (who is our kitchen contractor) at the house and went over what he has been up to and also we had some more kitchen stuff (pendant lights/hardware etc) to give to him.We also got a chance to see our new windows that were replaced last week. We only had a few windows replaced since they were problematic but we definitely have a few more to add to our list, but nothing urgent. Here are a couple pics of some of the new windows. The most exciting being the 3 side-by-side grid windows to replace an old bedroom windows upstairs.

In addition to all the exciting stuff going on contractor wise, we started our own little project inside the house. Stripping old wallpaper in order to prep the walls for some new paint. What a fun job it is ;) (big time sarcasm there) For the most part the wallpaper came off in big chunks and it didn't require a lot of manual labor.... UNTIL we got to the hallway! One would think with the paper being as old as it is and already starting to leave the wall on it's own, it would make for an easy job, however, there were two layers on the ancient stuff and for some reason it was just not ready to depart. Here is a lovely little pic of the multiple layers that were holding on for dear life. Thank goodness I have siblings who don't mind putting in a little elbow grease to get the job done :)