Rainy day activities....

There is no better  rainy day activity than daydreaming about what you want your current/future or dream home to look like. I have found TONS of inspiration today on the web and decided maybe it's about time I share some of it with you guys :) Hubbie and I have been stockpiling photos, links and magazine cutouts for the past year or so of what we would like to do with our UptsateHaven... ok, so maybe I have been doing most of the collecting, but don't think for one second that Magnus doesn't get bombarded with each and every item throughout the day ;)

Current obsessions of mine are mirrored tables, whether they be side tables or vanities, I cannot get enough! This is very new to me since up until a couple years ago, the simple thought of a mirrored anything  downright offended me. I always felt that the look was very cheesy, but have come to realize that if done right, mirrored tables can look very glamourous, such as the vanity below:

* Photo courtesy of ariannabelle.

In fact, I twisted Hubs arm into purchasing a couple of mirrored side tables to go beside our bed once the room is ready for them...

* This side table is actually from Target and the price cannot be beat!

Another thing I'm obsessing over right now is any white lacquered desk. I really want to get the following desk from ZGallerie but am not sure it fits into our office inspiration look. I know it's OK not to follow an exact look and even suggested that you add your own touches to make it more suitable for you. What do you guys think of having a white lacquer table instead of a vintage desk (pic below)? Does it fit into the whole scheme of what we are going for?

* I cannot remember for the life of me what site I got this from, sorry ...

The third item for today is the absolute most important room in the home ... the bedroom! You really need  something that allows you to fully relax and makes you never want to leave its confines. Something cozy and sleep inviting. The next picture perfectly embodies the look I'm going for .... doesn't hurt that they also have a similar nightstand ;)
* Photo courtesy of ariannabelle again (that gal has GREAT taste!).

I'm going to leave you all with a couple pics of amazing outdoor spaces. Spaces that make you want to always be the host of the party and spend as much time as possible enjoying...
* hijacked from Pinterest

* Pic comes from Pinterest as well!

Picnic tables always give off such a family vibe and allow you to really get cozy with your guests (unless of course you don't want to haha). Who doesn't want one in their backyard decorated with tons of candles and flowers? Someone sign this girl up!!!!