A very full weekend...

This weekend was jam-packed with lots of fun and friends, both old and new. Magnus and I headed upstate after work on Wednesday to my parents house for dinner and it was my Dad's 60th Birthday :) Then on Thursday we needed to run some errands as well as prep the UpstateHaven for our first overnight guests (our first night as well).  After some major floor cleaning/tidying up we laid a carpet in both the office (temporary guest bedroom) and the living room (our temp bedroom ha).  We hung up the curtains for both rooms and then I put together a make shift coffee table (as seen below) with an old wooden stool and an old piece of marble that used to be in the kitchen. I think it worked out ok ;)

* I can already feel that this couch is going to be trouble to keep clean .....

I put my sister to work helping me clean the floors and let me tell you, it was NOT a pretty sight. I'm pretty sure these floors could be mopped 10 more times and you would still get dirty feet. Time to sand and refinish those babies! Since we don't yet have any tie back hooks for the curtains, we made do with some of my grandma's old scarves. It did the trick, though not the most put together look.

* Office with new curtains... same tie backs used in Living Room.

While upstate on Friday am, two of our new light fixtures were delivered. I only managed to take a pic of the chandelier we will be using in the office, but both were just what we had anticipated. The new pendant light for the Kitchen may be a bit large though.... waiting until my Uncle hangs it to see how it fits in.

* All we need now are 4 light bulbs for it!

We also installed our new switch plates in both the Office and Living Room and they REALLY spruce up the joint and add a little something extra.

After our fun night hosting our 2 friends, Kelly and Jake, on Thursday night, we all prepared to make the trek up to Cooperstown for our dear friends Kristen and Andrew to tie-the-knot! I will post more about their wedding later... it was absolutely gorgeous and the weather could not have been more perfect.

I will leave you with a picture of the sky on our Wednesday night drive up. It was beyond beautiful!