X Bench ...

I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with any x-bench... preferrably from Jonathan Adler, but they are SO pricey for such a simple piece of wood with some fabric covering it. Therefore, I decided to purchase 2 x-benches for the foot of our UpstateHaven bed covered in the same fabric as our headboard, all from BallardDesigns (as seen below).

I figured since I have been on a roll with this company, we might as well also order a couple light fixtures. One for over our dining table (we totally don't have one yet fyi) and then one for our new office space.

The second pendant (aka chandelier according to Ballard) will be in an off-white finish, since I'm not too keen on the dark shade for that small little room. I am hoping they work out, but luckily they have a good return policty just in case.

Tonight we are off to pick up a few curtain rods from Kmart (don't judge!). We have been purchasing the same curtain rods for all of our apts from the Kmart in Astor Place and just really love them. They are a simple polished nickel with a ball on either end and are super cheap to boot! Then hope to get some serious packing done for the wedding festivities this weekend! Cannot wait to be reunited with everyone :)


septizoniom said...

um. the boss gets credit!