Bedroom revamp...

Besides the kitchen being revamped, the next most exciting room has to be the downstairs master bedroom. This is what it looked like before (although I really wish I had photos with more angles of the room, there were really large bookshelves built in to the left side of the entrance that were torn out):
* Sorry peeps for the teeny tiny pic.
Here are a few pics while we were in the process of ripping down wallpaper, which miraculously tore down in large sheets with no scraping required:
Now pics of the bedroom after paint and after we put some temporary furniture in it (side tables are permanent though):

I must say, the bedroom floors cleaned up pretty darn well after my sister and I put in a little elbow grease!

*Chandelier by Ikea ;)

The bedroom is coming along much better than I had anticipated... the color is called Silver Bells by Benjamin Moore and is a really pale gray but in some light, turns a pale purple which is fine by us! It is a very calming color. Sorry for such awkward lighting in all the pics.... this room is the worst to photograph.

Next up is the hallway.... YES the hallway we have previously blogged about that was mucho difficult to scrub all the wallpaper off of, all 10 gazillion layers of it!

Hallway before/after:

Looks like a whole new hallway, wouldn't you say?

Things are really starting to look fresh and new around UpstateHaven! We still have a bunch of furniture to purchase and stuff to hang on the wall, but I don't mind taking my time and really picking out things we LOVE instead of like as a temporary solution, ya know?

We have some exciting stuff going on the next month.... some friends staying with us at the 'Haven and our first real hosting duties on Thanksgiving!!!!! YIKES! I hope I don't go overboard with food and decoration, I'm just so excited to finally be able to host in a space that holds more than a handful of people :)


marcusbalbus said...

good stuff.
thanksgiving: will be delightful at your new home. the first always is.