First real snow of the season....

where was all this glorious snow around the Holidays? Although I somehow missed taking any real pictures of the snowfall this past weekend, I did manage to grab a couple thru windows in our UpstateHaven:

* Front lawn (or rather bushes) from our kitchen window

* Back lawn from our upstairs bathroom window

As wonderful as the snow was and so pretty to look at, it really put a damper on our drive Saturday am. We started out at about 8:30 and did not arrive at my parents house until 1:30. Giving us a whopping total of 5 hours.... unbelievable! Thankfully, the drive back on Sunday was a breeze.  You would thinking living in New York State they would be a little bit better at clearing off the roads, but not so much ...

Even though out time upstate was limited, we made the most of our weekend by meeting with my Uncle in regards to our upstairs bathroom, FINALLY celebrating Christmas with my Grandma and then dinner with my family on Saturday night. Sunday wasn't so productive.... sleeping in, drinking coffee leisurely while my Mom prepared breakfast/lunch AND banana bread for us to take home. Before we knew it, back to the City we went!

While at UpstateHaven, I snapped a few photos with my trusty iPhone of our bathroom PRE reno. The only thing that has been done thus far is ripping out a piece of wall that connects to our future nursery's closet in order to make room for a new stand-up shower:

* Space for future stand-up shower

* Looking thru the nursery closet into the bathroom

* I think this toilet is a keeper. It has the old world charm (ie nicely beveled edges)

The picture below is the overall look we are going for in our new bathroom:

*Picture taken from thecitysage

In other news, THIS is what my parents dog Ceely spends her days doing during the winter ...

I didn't capture her best moments of laying completely submerged under the wood stove. This dog really likes to live on the edge!

* a little bird watching after basking under the wood stove