It's the weekend again ...

YAY! The Mr. is picking me up from work tonight to drive upstate and spend some time with the family and check in on the progress of our upstairs bathroom at the UpstateHaven. After the glorious weather we had in the city yesterday, I'm hoping we get another taste of spring while we are upstate on maybe Sunday? The forecast is calling for warmer temps.... so fingers crossed!

Since I struck out on the preferred sink and washstand, we put in an order for a smaller unit through Amazon. It is a Porcher white ceramic sink with chrome washstand (I'm still not over having to return my beloved carrera marble sink though ...).

Here is the latest purchase:

*Porcher Lutezia console sink via Amazon (the other Porcher style we
wanted to order via Home Depot was no longer stocked)

I had more high hopes when it came to the faucet ... however, when most of the styles we wanted were discontinued via Porcher .... we checked on the Kohler site and found they were just too pricey for something we may want to swap out in the next couple years... so that leads to our next purchase via Amazon:

*Faucet courtesy of Kingston Brass

Why stop at the faucet while online shopping? We threw in a simple medicine cabinet from Kohler to complete our furnishings "to-do" list:

*Kohler recessed medicine cabint via Amazon

We seem to be well on our way to a finished bathroom in no time! The floor tiles were picked up this past week and I have been told that our shower has the faucets in place and the ceiling tiles are complete. Also, the person who is cutting/installing our glass shower door will hopefully be coming this week to measure.

As stressful as it is to assemble a room with all the perfect things and pray it all comes together, I much prefer work like this when I get to call the shots ;) I think in my next career I will be the boss!