We are finally getting somewhere ...

in terms of baby prep in our apartment.  Our trusty little helper, Emma, was kind enough to test out some of the new furnishings for the nursery...

* The mandatory sniff test

* Taking in the Brooklyn views

* I dare to say that our "baby" is rather enjoying herself

How could we NOT let Emma be the first to try out the crib? She is very light weight and loves small/enclosed spaces, so we plopped her into the finished product and I think she really took a liking to it! haha

Thankfully, I don't think that she can actually clear the side rails to jump in on her own, but she has officially made the crawl space underneath her new hideout.

We also purchased a new rug for the nursery via UrbanOutfitters, of course our tester was right there to try that out as well ...

* New carpet for the nursery... really breaks up all the white

Now that we have our crib assembled and a carpet, we can start organizing the babe's closet, hanging things on the wall and painting stripes on the ceiling. We have so much left to get done, but I think with a couple more free weekends, we should be able to pull something fabulous together!