Christmas/NYE at the Erhardt's ...

I feel like I have sat on this post now for far too long and I can no long cover Christmas/NYE over the course of an entire post. We are almost into February for pete's sake! Where does the time go? This whole Mom thing makes the days pass through your fingers just like sand. The minute I sit down to write I'm being beckoned from either A's crib or I have 10 loads of laundry calling to me from the hamper.

I'm pretty sure that Hubs would not be too pleased about my picture selection from our tripod test run, but it really is the only photo that showcases a good portion of our small tree. Notice the heart cutout ornaments and the little bearded heads (which I realize sounds totally creepy!). They are a couple of the selected ornaments from Ikea. The bearded folk are what we refer to in Sweden as "Tomte" ... aka the Christmas gnome.

Hubbie also got a little crazy outdoors and decked out the front bushes:

*My personal fav Christmas accessory being the wreath ...

And just because this pic is beyond cute, here is little A with her new friend Katie (whom my Aunt made for A by hand):

*Katie and A had QUITE the convo that night on Great Grandma's chair 

I think that is going to have to wrap up Christmas (no pun intended ;)). Time to move into the present with more regular posts :)


Amy M. said...

Malaina knows all about Tomte!