The time is flying ...

and I had hoped to be "moved" into my new blog space by now, but with most things these days, it is taking a bit longer than expected. SO, I will continue to blog from UpstateHaven for a bit longer until I can get things organized and ready to go.

A is now a week shy of being a 6 month old, which BLOWS my mind! It seems that with each stage you are convinced they can't get much cuter or more fun, but then they pull all these new tricks and faces out of their hats and BOOM ... cuteness overload.

That tongue makes an appearance in at least 75% of all photos ha

Now that I FINALLY have my bearings and things have leveled out a bit, I will be back to normal posting on this blog (and hopefully the new blog very soon).

Hope everyone had a magical holiday and that the new year has gotten off on a positive note!