As promised...

Below are a few pictures of our new kitchen. You can see the new cabinets, countertops, wine rack and backsplash. It is all very exciting watching it come together and there is still so much more to come! New floors will probably be installed in the coming week and then some fresh paint on the walls :)

First up is a before picture. This picture shows what the corner of the kitchen looked like after the cabinets were already ripped out, but the countertops were still in place:
How lovely right?
Check out all that light that the white countertops and walls let in! It's such a huge difference.

Below are a couple more pics that show the new wine racks encompassing the window above the sink. I think rather than using the top area for a wine rack as well, we will put some cookbooks up there to add a pop of color and touch of that homey feeling!

Another component to our weekend, besides taking all sorts of pics around the house, was supposed to be Yard sale round 2.... however, when we awoke on Saturday morning the skies opened up and rain started to fall so we called it off. About 5 minutes later the sun came out and it ended up being a glorious day, but at that point we had our minds made up! So instead of a yard sale Magnus decided to wash the car as I puttered around the yard to take in some sun and then ripped off the remainder of the wallpaper in the soon-to-be office ;)