Back from the weekend....

and feeling very tired and unmotivated. There are however a few things that are picking up my mood! My Dad called me yesterday to tell me that our roofer has finally started the job on our UpstateHaven and so far so good. In addition, he rented an extra big dumpster for the materials so we can throw out some remaining crapola from the house, which is beyond great! Here are a couple pics of our existing roof with hopefully more pics of the updated one to come in the next few weeks.

Look at all that damage on the garage roof! I can't believe it was left on there for so long.

Now moving onto a more fun topic, even though this blog is supposed to be about our new home/renovation and things that are inspirational, I feel like I should tell a little bit about my awesome weekend in Key West with some of my oldest and dearest friends to celebrate my friend Kristen's bachelorette party.

It started off with a smooth flight and connection to Key West, I got there and literally went straight into the pool, since our room was not yet ready. Lucky for me I also needed to rinse off my spray tan (sorry Albury Court for using your lovely pool for that purpose) ;) So, we lounged for about 30 mins and then were alerted that our room was ready and shortly after that, our 4th friend arrived. We got to the room and it was perfect! Next up on the list, drinks of course! Us ladies headed off to a deli up the street in order to pick up some wine and bubbly (apparently you can buy wine etc anywhere in those parts) and some snacks for the room. I guess it had been a while since we were all together for anything longer than a day, because we had a lot of catching up to do which meant a TON of drinking out in front of our hotel room while we basked in the sun.

3 bottles of champs and 2 bottles of wine later, it was time to finally freshen up and head into the main part of town, Duval Street! After perusing our food options, we settled on a pretty touristy joint and none of us can even remember the name of it, which is lucky for them since their food was terribly bland, even their drinks. How is that even possible I ask? We ended up taking a cab back after dinner and chitchatted for a while before hitting the hay. The next night was the big party and we need to get our beauty rest before all the fun stuff we had planned!

Saturday we woke up, had some breakfast at the Inn and then picked up some rental bikes (which were our method of travel for the next two days and I highly recommend renting bikes in any city you visit in order to see more and not rely on taxis/subways as much). After grabbing our bikes we headed off to the Beach for some sun and relaxation. We all rented foam floating mats in order to avoid the painfully rocky area of sand we had to cross before the ocean and also to just be a little lazy in the water. Key West is not known for the beaches, however, the one that was referred to us (Fort Zachary Taylor State Park) turned out to be pretty great actually. They had a great little snack bar and was a short bike ride from our hotel and downtown Key West.

Here's a photo:
After getting a little bit too toasty at the beach we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and grab some lunch/drinks. This time for food we hit up Mangoes and it was really good! I had the tastiest stack of tuna tartare, tomatoes, avocado, lump crab and micro arugula with a spicy aioli dressing, YUMMO!

A couple of glasses of vino later, we headed back to the hotel yet again to REALLY get prepped for the main festivities. Below is a pic of the bride-to-be at dinner. We chose to go to Grand Cafe since it's right on Duval and in the middle of all the action so we could just walk around.
We indulged our bridie in a few pamatini's and some delicious seafood and then it was time for the real party to commence! If you have ever been to Key West, you know their are a few very crazy drag joints but ours was straight up ridiculous and just what the doctor ordered for a ladies night on the town. I won't touch on that subject anymore, but you can imagine it was filled with fun music, outlandish guys/ladies and some nudity ;)

We did however hit up a few bars on the strip and then got our pizza fix and headed home for the night aka morning.  There may have been a phone casualty, but my friend Kelly and I managed to track it down at all hours of the morning and it was recovered before getting some shut eye for a couple hours.

The next day was spent relaxing, more beach time and just winding down after the crazy events. I'm glad to be back to normal eating/drinking habits but already miss my ladies so much words cannot express. Good thing we have at least one other fun weekend in the forseeable future :)

I should probably wrap the post up for now since I have rambled on enough. Hopefully the hubs and I will have more house posts for you all soon :)