I always feel like such a cheeseball for saying that, but it is SO true! This week has felt far longer than it should have so welcome weekend :) You are greatly appreciated!

The hubs and I will finally be viewing the latest reno projects going on at the house next weekend and it cannot come soon enough. The new roof has been worked on this last week and of course the garage roof needs MAJOR renovations (which we weren't shocked about, but our wallets were). A lot of the boards are rotted out and the old skylights either need to be replaced or just covered over. Since we are not sure what we are doing with the space in the garage (there is currently a drop ceiling in there and it was used as a hideaway for all the kids in the house since it is accessed by a closet in the upstairs hallway) we cannot figure out our exact costs quite yet. The thought of keeping it that way appeals to me, since we can let our own children play in there one day, but it would be awesome to build a loft in the garage for storage etc. So we will see what we end up doing! SO many pics to come of all of that roof reno next weekend so hold on tight :)

This weekend will be the first weekend we are in the city together in over a month, so there are lots of apartment projects slated to take place and organizing to commence. Let's hope we are both feeling motivated... especially with the lovely weather forecast for tomorrow ;) May have to take advantage and get some sun outdoors.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and enjoy the nice weather!