How I long to be.....

  in the south of France this time of year amidst all the Bougainvillea and rolling hills. Last year we were gearing up for a trip to France with Mags Mom (my MIL) and re-visiting the pics this morning made me really long for a European trip of some sort. Fortunately, we are headed to Ashburn, VA this weekend to see one of my best friends, her hubbie and their new little one Jane :) It may not be the South of France, but it will be so nice to get out of the city and spend some time with our good friends! Can't wait! In the meantime, here are a couple pics from our trip last year and then the Rhododendron outside of our UpstateHaven that really made me think to look at our pics in the first place!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the gorgeous weather!