Ahhhhhhhhhhhh .....

  That is the sound my brain/body made this weekend as the Hubs and I chillaxed with some of our closest friends and their little lady Jane and furry child Lola. It was so great to unwind and get out of the city for a weekend without doing any home improvement or apartment organizing. Since little Jane is still a wee one at 6 weeks old, we pretty much stayed close to home with the exception of a fabulous brunch at my fav VA spot, Eggspectations! I cannot pinpoint exactly what it is that makes this breakfast/brunch place so fab but they always do right by me! They have a ginormous list of Eggs Benedict creations and the French Toast is tdf! Plus we had the company of the lovely Lanthier family ;) Other than that outting, we were treated to some very tasty grill creations and an assortment of Wegmans (another major player in my life) goodies! Thank you for hosting us L family!!

Below are a couple BEYOND cute pics of the Lanthier siblings ;)

 All nestled in her cozy car seat :)



Anonymous said...

Little girls are the BEST!

Jinnie and Magnus said...

Agreed :)