I've had a lot on my mind...

  lately and not feeling particularly inspired, however, the weather this past weekend was glorious and the Hubs and I finally got to enjoy some grilling on our terrace as well as entertaining a few friends. It definitely did the trick  forgetting about real life for at least a few hours. I have attached some pics below of Magnus at work grilling up some burgers and asparagus (thanks for the recipe Melis and Ry). Also a couple pics of our little table and chairs. It is a great place to seek solace when you are stressed or confused and you may even catch a glimpse of some fireworks on a random Tuesday night a la last night ;)

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the 1st day of summer and the weather we have been having as of late. We are really hoping to grab some new photos of the UpstateHaven this coming weekend when we stop off to my parents to drop off Emma (the cat) and before we head out on a New England driving tour on Saturday.

Pics and posts to come!


septizoniom said...

tell mags NEVER press down on anything on the grill (take it from me, i worked 3 years in a steakhouse while in grad school, in the kitchen).

as usual, great writing.

have fun on the gambol around NE.