Out of sight, out of mind....

  At least that is how the saying goes, but not for US! We haven't been up to the house now in over a week and will not be up there for a few more weeks and we are definitely wondering how things are going in the kitchen (flooring/wall paint/a few more cabinet doors being set in their place). I actually just emailed my Uncle to check in and see how things are progressing and waiting to hear back :)

In the meantime, I thought I would post about what is around the corner for this coming weekend ;) It is this little ladies bachelorette party in Key West. CANNOT wait!
Don't mind the ridiculousness of the hubs in this here photo. We were at another friend's wedding last August and we all know how that goes ;)

Back to this weekend... it is going to be 4 of us ladies and whenever we are together we have endless amounts of fun so it should really be a good time! Relaxing by the pool, taking in some sights and more importantly showing her a bachelorette weekend one only dreams about!

I will make sure to post more on that after I return. In the meantime, I think the hubby will be having a few boys nights of his own (don't want him to be left out of all the fun) and hopefully doing some organizing etc around the apartment.

Are there any places in Key West that you can recommend or restaurants we should eat at?