It was another busy one...

today in the office. Have you ever changed jobs and just felt like "you can't teach old dogs new tricks?" Well that is how I was feeling today, but everything started to go smoothly once we got to the afternoon. I realize it is great to start at a new job and keep your mind/brain fresh, but boy oh boy is it hard to get into the swing of things when everything you have ever learned no longer applies.

Tonight me and the mr are headed out for a bike ride after we get home since our bikes are literally collecting dust in our garage right now. The only other time I have realy taken my bike out for a spin my tire deflated about 5 minutes in and I had to replace it. On the upside, while that was being worked on I FINALLY got a basket for the front. No, not a cute wicker one, but a very functional metal one which will suit me just fine :)

Hope everyone is trying to stay cool in this ridiculous heat wave we are having!

* Since I have no pics of my bike on my iPhone, I will leave you with this little diddy of our preferred method to get into the city via bike. It can be quite dangerous at times, but at least it brings us into the central area where we hang out!