Oh Happy Day...

First of all it's Friday, need I say more?! It may be hot as hades outside, BUT it's the weekend and a little steam isn't going to deter me from having fun!

Secondly, when the hubs and I were staying in Kennebunkport, ME over the latter part of our New England jaunt, we came across the BEST mirror EVER and we knew we just had to have it! It hung in the entrance of our Inn (Captain Fairfield Inn which is a MUST MUST MUST to stay at if you are ever in the area, more on that later ;)). Immediately we fell in love! I mean the decor of that Inn is AMAZING from top to bottom, but this mirror definitely bowled us over. After lots of internet searching and coming up with nada, I randomly came across the mirror on one of my fav blogs today, Haven and Home! Faster than the speed of light, I clicked on the link for: http://milkandhoneyhome.com/ (where the mirror came from) and emailed them to find out where on earth they found this delight. Julie emailed me back and told me Ballard Designs, which has recently become one of my favorite furniture sites to peruse and hopefully to purchase from for the UpstateHaven in the future.

The hubs is in agreement that this beauty will be making an appearance on one of our many walls in the near future, YAY! Today was a success!

Here are a few pics of the Mirror from both the Inn and also from Ballard Designs site. It's really hard to get a real feel for what it looks like, but trust me, it's pretty great!

Is it just me, or is there something terribly satisfying when you finally find an item that you are lusting over after weeks of searching? Hope everyone is staying cool out there :)