So much to write about right now...

So first thing's first... let's touch base on my lack of posting this last week. The hubs and I were on a tour of New England, as I have previously mentioned, hitting up Woodstock, VT/ North Woodstock, NH/ Southwest Harbor, ME (aka Acadia/Mount Desert)/ Kennebunkport, ME and finally Portsmouth, RI (Newport area). What a week it was! The weather was nearly perfect and sunny and there was hardly any traffic anywhere. I'm guessing the real vacation season doesn't kick off until after the 4th of July, so we just missed it.

The first day of our vaca we headed to Woodstock, VT for some lovely dining at The Red Rooster restaurant in the famous Woodstock Inn. We also hit up Long Trail Brewery on our way to pick up some tasty brews. If you have never been before, Woodstock, VT is the quaintest little town ever. Everything about it is really cute and just beautiful to look at. Everything from the Grass to the homes are perfectly manicured and taken care of. Although a bit sleepy at night, it is still great for dining early and just taking a leisurely stroll through the town and checking out the historic charm.

Below is a pic of The Red Rooster restaurant. This place had super tasty food and wine. The drink list was pretty fantastic as well. The atmosphere was very cozy and laid back, not at all stuffy as I had originally thought due to the location inside the Inn. There was an awesome water feature in the middle of all the tables that made it feel as though you were in some sort of open air restaurant (the pic is a bit dark, but you get the picture):

As much as I would love to ramble on about our entire vacation, I think I should cut to another topic (house related) and post about the rest of our vacation stops throughout the next few posts.

As you all know, we have been having a major overhaul of our roof and garage going on. When we stopped off last Saturday to drop off our sweet sweet Emma (*pic below) with my parents, we stopped by the UpstateHaven to check out what had been done so far to the roof. It was looking fantastic, however, there was a short pause on the garage roof due to rotten wood from the skylights. It all got taken care of while we were on our trip and the window literally JUST got put back in its place today. I have posted a few pics below of the new roof and will post more pics later on of the new window etc. It may not be the most exciting reno of a home, but it is definitely the most useful and worth it money wise :)

*The garage before the new window went in. More pics to come tomorrow!

Sorry to just sign off like this in the midst of all the house reno talk, but we have to go back up to the house to meet our delivery guys who are dropping off our first REAL piece of furniture. Feast your eyes on this beast below ;)