Things have been a bit crazy....

so please bear with me. I have been wanting to update this blog for the past week, but just could not find the time. On Monday I came to a new law firm along with one of my Partner's from the previous job I had, so things have been all over the place this past week. I am now all settled in at my new position and headed upstate tonight for some more painting at the UpstateHaven!

I will keep this post short and to the point, otherwise I may wander off about the rest of our vacation and EVERYTHING that has been going on with work/UpstateHaven and life in general.

Last week the hubs and I were upstate for most of the week getting some much needed painting done on the weekend house. I had big dreams and visions of us painting 3 rooms on the main floor over the course of say 5 days.... TURNS OUT, I was being a time optimist BIG TIME! In reality we managed to paint one room, the new Office, and we aren't even completely finished. Between taking off the doors/shutters, taping and painting the trim it is turning into quite the project. We still have the paint the ceiling this weekend, but our goals are to start painting the living room as well to accomodate the new couch ;)

Here is a pic of the color we went with for the Office (all trim is being painting bright white in a semi-gloss finish to really make the color pop):

The color is Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore.

A nice little photo of yours truly getting ready to clean/buff the walls in the office and also my pic on the new offices NY Daily daily update when I joined the firm (it's a bit blurry, so forgive me) ;)

I will try my hardest to report throughout the weekend on any updates/changes we have made to the house as well as more updates on our little New England vacation. Have a lovely weekend everyone!