Now comes the fun stuff!

As much as we are still renovating the home by painting and getting the finishing touches done to the kitchen, we are able to start playing with some decor in a couple of the rooms. This makes me a very happy girl since this is what I LIVE for, seriously ;) There is no larger thrill to me then scouring the internet for great pieces for a room, whether it be in the apartment OR house.

This week we hit up Ikea for some cheap throw rugs to temporarily make our living room and new office space more liveable until we find a "forever" (I use that term VERY loosely as I tend to tire of things within a year or two) carpet after the floors are refinished. At first nothing was doing it for us, until we found this simple off-white woven throw rug. If you know me, you know that I adore having all my furniture and textiles in off-white tones. I am not sure what it is about everything being in white or off-white that I love, maybe it is that our cat is white and sheds like a beast or because, to me, it is more fun to accessorize a room with brighter pieces, but I always end up giving the room a pale base. My mom actually asked me recently, in a very sarcastic tone, if I was planning to get a carpet in either a pattern or a more colorful hue haha. Not this time Mom ;)
We also came across the sweetest switchplate covers for both the office and living room at Anthropologie. I pretty much would furnish our entire house in their stuff if it weren't for their steep prices.

In addition to the two items above, I also FINALLY purchase some curtains for the two rooms. I got the same ones for both spaces because I feel if you find something you love, why not duplicate it in a few rooms :) After some searching on the internet for a nice affordable curtain, I came across the below at PotteryBarn. Ours have pockets for the curtain rod to go through them and they were REALLY affordable.

Magnus and I will be upstate again next week from Thursday on for my friend Kristen's wedding and Thursday is being used solely for sprucing up the UpstateHaven. More fun stuff to come!