Better than we could have imagined....

Is how I would describe the new paint in our living room at the UpstateHaven. My Uncle David did an amazing job with the paint/trim/ceiling and also touching up our office paint job that we cobbed up. It really wasn't that bad, but we are not so good with the trim even WITH the blue painting tape! I only have one decent picture to really show what color the living room was painted (thank you Victoria for inspiring the gray tone we went with), but will upload more once we get them uploaded on the putie :)

I DO however have some fun pics from the local produce market in our town, Frog Pond. They have tons of little animals right now for sale, such as rabbits, chicks, goats and ducks. I must admit that this is one of my favorite reasons for going to that market. Sometimes I'm not sure who is having more fun there, the little kids or myself ;) Magnus and I fed two of the goats out of our hands and I could not get enough of the little chicks. They have a wide variety of chickens at Frog Pond and I think I managed to try and pet them all haha.  

* Sorry for the teeny tiny living room photo, I have plenty more to post later on!