Full house this coming weekend....

I am both anxious and excited to have too many people staying over at our 1/4 renovated UpstateHaven this coming Labor Day weekend. We have 2 couples and 3 single guys (I think we will house them out in the backyard in a large tent) and then the couples will be staying on air mattresses in the house. It will defnitely make for an interesting and fun long weekend.

* This is going to be us MINUS the children.
Sunday we have plans to take out a pontoon boat in Cooperstown for the day. Let's hope the weather holds up, as it has been beyond lovely this entire week! Fingers crossed everyone, otherwise we will need to make some alternate plans. I guess there is always the brewery in Cooperstown and our local watering hole, Jerry's ;)

Hope everyone else has a fun weekend lined up before the fall officially starts! 


septizoniom said...

great stuff. glad to see u r having fun.