I must admit...

with all the flooding and disaster that has taken place over the past week Upstate and the surrounding areas, I'm finding it really hard to be inspired to blog about interior design or all the fun things that have been happening this past summer (weddings/Labor Day/decorating our home).  Luckily, the UpstateHaven house, my parents home and most of my friends parents homes are all located on hills, not that that doesn't mean anything hasn't been touched by the water ... I know my parents experienced minor water coming into their downstairs in both the bedroom and another room, but for the most part it has cleared up with the help of a dehumidifier, thank goodness! My heart really goes out to all the families who have had to evacuate and experienced any major flood damage to their homes and business and ESPECIALLY any pets who have been harmed. Flooding is devestating for anyone, but when it happens to such a rural area, it really saddens me because the resources are just not there to fix things up right away and return to normalcy.

We are really hoping that everyone is hanging in there and our thoughts and prayers are with all the families and businesses affected.

I wish I had a site that people can donate through, but am not aware of any. If anything comes to mind I will post it on here!


septizoniom said...

your heart is your soul.