So much stuff going on... so little time....

Or should I say, so little pictures AND time! There are lots and lots of changes going on at UpstateHaven at the moment but they all started happening, of course, after we left on Sunday to head back to Brooklyn. I did manage to take a few iPhone photos though to share with everyone!

The 1st floor bedroom has been mostly cleared out and repainted to a very very soft gray... with a slight violet tinge to it or even perhaps pink... I can't put my finger on it, but it turned out fantastic and I have a feeling it will be a very peaceful room to slumber in once it is complete and we have bedding.

*Don't mind the sister helping out in this pic. She REALLY loves to help me scrub floors etc ;)

I also have a picture of our semi-finished hallway, although I have not laid down the striped carpets I recently posted about, for fear they will get dirty while reno continues....

And lastly I took a quick pic of the new curtain tie-backs (is that what they are even called when they don't actually tie, just hold a curtain?)

* It is a very dark pic I realize now... but you can tell what it is. Another awesomely cheap purchase from kmart to match the curtain rods, YAY!

As I type this we have new shutters going up around the house, a new French door being installed to seperate the kitchen from the basement and our tiles in the kitchen, FINALLY! I will not say where we ordered said tiles, but let me tell you, it was like pulling teeth to get them delivered after several mixups!

More to come soon! xoxo