Oh Weekend...

It makes me very happy to finally see your presence around the corner :) Lot's of good stuff going on this weekend peeps .... purging our UpstateHaven of yet MORE junk that keeps creeping out of no where , seeing our newly tiled floors/shutters/kitchen doors and working on putting up some more curtain tie-backs/perhaps spray painting a bed frame and then some tidying, setting up our table yada yada yada!  Luckily the weather is great for driving and it is supposed to keep getting warmer over the weekend. Sounds good to me!

We honestly have no new pics to put on this little blog of ours.... things have been beyond busy and parents have been in town... I know that is no excuse, but I am using it as one ;) After this weekend our computer should be filled to the brim with reno pics and I will post as many as I can.

I will leave you with a fun pic taken our our cat Emma... she decided to dress up as a super hero in daddies underoos and a bandana... she is a weird one that Emma ;)
* Doesn't she look SO happy to be in that getup?
I almost forgot to mention, we will prob spend many hours putting together some new Ikea chairs to go along with my Grandmother's old dining table, and we all KNOW how that goes! Even though, not to toot my own horn, but living with a Swede I have become quite proficient in Ikea directions so let's hope it doesn't take up too much of our time that could be spent outdoors gathering a couple new freckles before the fall REALLY sets in.

Hope everyone has a glorious fall weekend and see you all next week with boat loads of new updates/pics!