T-minus 9 days...

until Hubs and I take off to Sweden for a nice vacation. I feel like I have so much to do in terms of getting ready for this holiday before I leave and can finally feel relaxed. All our family gifts have been purchased and only half are wrapped... I have TONS of sugar cookie dough in the fridge just waiting to be made into holiday shaped cookies..... I haven't even begun to think about packing and I need to make sure our cat has all her provisions before shipping her off to her UpstateHaven (haha) to be with my family for the time we are away.

This past week, as you know, my Mom and Brother were in town on Friday night and then my friend Melis was in town for Saturday night.... I felt overwhelmed at the thought of so many guests in one weekend, but once the actual weekend rolled around it felt fantastic to have so many loves in town with me. We also met up with one of Hubbie's childhood friends on Sunday for a coffee in the afternoon. It was a very social weekend indeed! We did get a chance to go for a long walk and do some window shopping on Sunday before meeting up for coffee..... while we were perusing the windows, I came across this sign at a bakery:

* While this may offend some parents out there, I think it is absolutely hilarious!

Hoping to have some good quality decor posts after this coming weekend when we will be up at our UpstateHaven for the night on Saturday. There has been some painting going on in the upstairs part of the house and we finally got some new gutters.... oh the excitement ;)

I will leave you with this picture of our annual Christmas tree (please excuse the horrible lighting and bluriness) ...

For some reason this year we have been experiencing major light outages from our strands of lights and it is super frustrating to come home to half a strand out pretty much weekly. What gives?