The Holidays aren't quite over yet...

After spending almost 2 weeks in Stockholm over Christmas and New Years we are headed upstate this weekend to enjoy one last Christmas celebration with my side of the family. I definitely missed waking up super early to retrieve our stockings and wait for the Rents to get up and open up the bigger gifts, but Stockholm is so pretty this time of year with all the Christmas stars in the apartment windows and candles. We also may have enjoyed far too many Julbords this year ;) 

I am bound to get tons of festive photos this coming weekend, but in the meantime I thought I would post a few pics from Stockholm and of the mini-julbord we enjoyed with Magnus's mom on Christmas Eve:

* Gamla Stan (old town Stockholm)

Now for the food and holiday celebration:

* Clockwise from the white matter on the left side (which happens to be my famous Skagen), we have cooked red cabbage, prince korv (mini sausages), a couple kottbullar (swedish meatballs), julskinka (christmas ham), smoked prawns, aoili, fish roe and in the middle of the plate, rodbetssallad (red beet salad, my personal fav)! This was all accompanied by some hard bread/cheese and vort limpa (swedish christmas bread)... YUMMO people!

* Though a bit jetlagged and tired, Mags is super pumped for the feast!