Bathroom updates ...

We made the trek upstate this past weekend to visit my family and, just as importantly, check in on our UpstateHaven! We couldn't wait to see the progress on the upstairs bathroom and pick up some much needed materials for my Uncle to install (he is our contractor).

The first major item on the list is the installation of a new shower stall in our bathroom. Up until this point in time, the upstairs bathroom was a half bath with only a toilet and a sink. We had some major closet space in the next door bedroom that could be reclaimed in order to put in a shower, so we went for it! Normally, if we were talking city apartments, I would have given anything to give up a shower to convert it to more storage, however, this house of ours is not lacking in the storage space department, so shower it is!

* Apologies as usual for the crappy pics... I just can't seem to get my act together with the Nikon.

Almost as important as the shower is our upstairs heating ... or lack thereof. Our heat vent in the bathroom used to be on the lower right wall and did not put out much of anything, especially heat. My Uncle had the genious idea to re-route the vent to the floor, directly under the area where our new sink/washstand will be. You would not believe the heat that pumps out of that little guy after that small change. Apparently it now comes up directly from the heating system in the basement, hence more output.

* Old vent

* New vent

Also, I should include a pic of the current state of our bathroom ... it isn't pretty ...

* Bathroom as it currently looks, shower is right thru the door and in to the right ...

Our new bathroom sink and washstand (read later post on this) was just delivered and ready to be installed from Restoration Hardware. Here is a pic of what it looks like:

We also put in an order for marble floor tiles at our local Home Depot ...

The tiles we picked up for our shower are super plain, so there is no need to post a pic of them. They are your standard 6"x6" bright white ceramic tiles that we will use on the 3 walls as well as the ceiling to keep things interesting. We also picked up our shower head/faucet controls, again nothing crazy or uber fab.

This weekend we will be working on picking up a medicine cabinet as well as a sconce for either side of the mirror. Thinking of hitting up both Home Depot and Restoration Hardware. Any other stores that are worth a look?