Is it Friday yet?

Better yet, is it 5:30 on Friday yet? Let's just say work has become intolerable now that none of my regular clothes fit me anymore. I have exactly 1 pair of maternity work pants, 2 pair of regular work pants that were always too large on me that I can squeeze into and then 0 maternity work appropriate shirts, since there is nothing worth spending money on out there unless, as stated before, you want to look like you are 60 years of age. I cannot justify spending good money on items that age me or will not be worn after the following 18 weeks, umless it is for my weekend wardrobe ;) Then I have no qualms spending money ... Why am I not working in a different industry again? One where I could wear jeans and whatever I want to on a daily basis ...

Ok, enough of the negative aspects of this week... on to more positive things! Hubs and I will be going upstate tomorrow night after work ... I cannot wait to see A. my family... it has been ages since I have been upsate it feels like B. the progress on our upstairs bathroom and new back-entrance light fixture (thank you once again West Elm) C. spend some much needed time away from the rat-race that is NYC and get back to some low-key/pressure free living. One day I hope to actually be able to spend whole weeks upstate rather than the 48 hours (if even) a weekend allows for currently. It's so refreshing not to feel the pressures of the city.... feeling like you need to dress a certain way, buy the big ticket items and the constant comparisons to your peers that you put yourself through. The city can be tough but we still love it for many other reasons. I guess we will stick around for a few more years ;)

To leave this post on a good note, below is an updated photo of the progress baby and I are making.... unfortunately, my thighs are also making progress of sorts haha