Post-Vacation Blues ...

I think I am experiencing the post-vacation blues this week. When I first landed back in the city after my warm Miami jaunt, the weather was sunny and gloriously warm for late January, but now that the winter has settled back into my bones and there are no vacations in my near future, the winter BLAHS have set in BIG TIME!

Maybe a trip to the UpstateHaven next weekend is exactly what I need to feel rejuvenated again. Granted, there won't be any beaches or warm weather, but this city has been making me insane as of late. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE living in the city and feeling the special pulse that it has, but sometimes it just feels like it sucks the life out of it's inhabitants (or maybe that is the 1lb bag of dark choc peanut M&Ms that beckons me from my desk drawer daily haha)! 

Whatever the case may be, it's time to bust out of the city again and get back to nature!

* Land at my Dad's hunting club

Time to plan another trip somewhere warm this spring as my body cannot handle these temps, as unseasonably mild as they may be. I think I may be turning 70 this year as opposed to 32 ;)