It's spring out there!

This weekend was glorious in terms of weather. The mornings may have started off a bit chilly and cloudy, however, once noon rolled around, it turned from gloom into sunshine! We had a pretty low-key weekend ....  brunch with friends on Saturday and dinner at home. However, Sunday we knew we wanted to capitalize on the sun and headed to Stone Barns for some fresh eggs and walking trails (it's in Westchester).

Once we got to Stone Barns we headed straight to the Cafe for the eggs, a latte for Hubs, a croissant to split pre-walk and then some desserts for later that night. The croissant was delectable and just the perfect amount of buttery!

We took a walk around the grounds and looked at the animals that were out this time of year (pigs, cows, some of the caretakers dogs ...) and noticed the trails surrounding the area were much larger than we had noticed in the past. There is NYS owned property all around Stone Barns for everyone to use for walking and/or running trails. We also spotted a few people out riding their horses on the trails. If we had more time I'm sure we would have capitalized on exploring some new (to us) trails, but we had a list a mile long of errands to run.

* Why Hello there Mrs. Cow!

We packed up and headed back into the city to relax on the terrace for a few minutes and then to get the Mr. some new shoes for the summertime!

* Not quite looking like spring yet without all the green and tree buds

This brings me to the above pic .... how sad does our Terrace look right now? Granted the chairs have no cushions on them (they are stored in a bench where I was standing) and are smooshed together ... but still... we need to do some serious work on this terrace since we will be spending more and more time out there once I am on maternity leave. The plan as of now is some fake grass so we don't burn our feet and to make it more child friendly, a new lounge chair or two and at least one new tree or tall plant. I also have hopes of flowers and an herb garden. Time to get crackin!

The projects never seem to stop.