House Project Updates ...

This weekend we will be headed upstate to view the ongoing progress of our upstairs bathroom. I'm really hoping that there is enough change that I will finally start to see how the finished product will look!  As promised, I finally have some pics of the new shower (they may not quite portray how it looks in real life color wise though).

* Don't worry.. this bucket is not a permanent fixture.
We had to test out the new shower heads washing capabilities! 
* Pics are very yellow, however, the tiles are bright white!

I also have a couple pics of the new coffee table we purchased from West Elm during their President's Day sale. YAY for good deals!

* As much as I loved the idea of having 2 side tables 
instead of a coffee table, it just wasn't enough surface space in the end.

Since I'm on the topic of house projects ... this summer we are going to tackle our backyard. Nothing crazy, but we are planning on planting trees along the fence on the left-hand side of our yard to give us a little more privacy. We also are going to be putting in a stone patio that follows along the backside of our house. I'm sure there are 10,000 more things we could be doing back there, but those two projects seem like enough to take on for one year!

* Trees will follow along the fence above!

I'll leave this post on a less serious note (since house renovations are SUPER serious and all!) ... I give you a photo of Hubs at a PopUp Shop he stumbled upon this afternoon in Soho. Apparently a new social media site had a store setup with ping pong, drinks and a photo station where they styled you and put some makeup on you before snapping your pic. Do you think he would willingly sit down for me at home and let me apply makeup?  

* Love it! He already looks like he has settled into the roll as "Cool Dad"