This past weekend ...

I had high hopes of being productive around the apt... maybe cleaning out the guest room (soon-to-be-nursery) closet, sorting through some junk in the guest room and cleaning up the master, however, in true Jinnie form ... I really did nothing more than vacuum, dishes and some couch surfing ;)

Hubby and I had a socially productive weekend on the other hand... Hubs - bachelor party ALL day Saturday (and by ALL day, I mean almost 24 hours ...), ME - bridal brunch on Saturday and then brunch on Sunday with girlfriends. After Sunday brunch we headed to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to enjoy some of the early blooming Cherry Blossoms.

My favorite Cherry Blossom tree (below) ... I wish I could have captured the beauty in a painting for UpstateHaven!

Speaking of beautiful things (TOTALLY kidding.... kind of), our toilet for the downstairs bathroom has been delivered AND installed. Picture below:

* Kohler Memoirs round seat toilet via Amazon

She's a beaut! Too bad they fail to mention in the description that you will ALSO need to purchase a toilet seat. You would think if you order a toilet, a seat would be included, call me crazy. I mean how else would you use the toilet if you had no seat? Something to think about .... especially the ladies haha