A light at the end of the tunnel!

I had pretty much given up all hope of ever feeling settled and at home in our current apartment. We moved in after breaking our lease on an apartment 2 floors down to get more space and since we broke our lease early, we hadn't planned out the move and everything was tossed in boxes and/or carried upstairs and put away without giving it much thought or a proper home.  Since Hubs is not a big fan of purging or really "cleaning things out" and re-organizing/re-decorating, we have a bit of a mess on our hands and an apt, that is in my eyes, lacking any sort of cozy/homey feeling.

There was talk of painting our walls, but then we weren't sure how much longer we would stay in this building and who wants to go through all that trouble or pay someone to paint when it would need to be painted white again when it was time to move out?

Turns out, since we are renewing our lease come May and have been here 2 years, we get to have our walls painted for free ANY COLOR WE CHOOSE! Hallelujah!! Can I get an AMEN?! haha

If you can't tell I'm pretty pumped! We have always been a white wall loving family (case-in-point below), but let me tell you, after moving several pieces of furniture, moving around wall decor and just general everyday living, these white walls are beyond scuffed and the person who painted in the first place did such a sad job. Plus I'm completely over the Clockwork Orange nonsense. Bring on the color :)

* White

* White

* White
* Practically White

I'm sure you have already guessed we aren't the type to go wild and paint anything bright or crazy, but our walls will be receiving a lovely shade of gray (Titanium (OC-49) Benjamin Moore). We could not be happier!

I'll be sure to post before and after photos!