So much stuff!

I type this as I am running around prepping our apt for a new paint job and simultaneously packing for our long weekend upstate. We are headed to UpstateHaven tomorrow morning until Monday, so that means we basically need to pack up the entire nursery for A. Why do children require so many things? You would think since the boobs are coming with us, courtesy of myself, not much else is required ... wrong.

Knowing I left diapers up there and wipes last time, I THINK we are covered on that front, however, lest we run out ... I need to pack more of each. Then there are the many many outfits in case of stains and a girl needs options, right? Poor A ... since she is my daughter, she will probably inherit the constant need to overpack and pack away our entire closet in case something is left behind that may want to be worn. So there are the clothes, the necessities, the breast pump ... the BAIN of my existence ... blankets that she requires to nap and sleep, my clothes, Hubs clothes and then Emma the cat and her paraphernalia. Add in all of the crap that we have been meaning to move upstate for storage purposes and Easter goods and this should take me another day to complete. PHEW! Also, don't forget the Baby Bjorn and anything needed to get out and exercise.

Is it just me? Or does everyone feel this way before going anywhere for more than a day?

At least the weather is looking up and the sun is out again :)

Have a Happy Easter or Passover!!


Brewed Together said...

We feel that it is hard to pack even if you don't have a child. Although breastfeeding sounds like it might up the stakes a little. Hope you have a wonderful little trip and enjoy the journey! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

Athena said...

So true! I finally got a hand pump a few months ago so I don't have I lug the beastly double Medela around.

Jinnie and Magnus said...

The hand pump is an absolute life saver! I have used mine so much since Astrid was born.

Jinnie and Magnus said...

The hand pump is an absolute life saver! I have used mine so much since Astrid was born.

Hena Tayeb said...

packing is very hard.. especially with kids concerned.. with many travels under our belt I have begin to streamline our packing a lot more and just packing extra's for my son.. this way I have two less people to over pack for. Plus I think.. 'does he really need this to fall asleep or do I think he needs it to fall asleep?'