I've REALLY been slacking ....

On the blog front lately and it's not that I don't want to update everyone or document what has been going on with the house, it's just that I've been exhausted from work and we haven't been upstate in 2 weeks. We literally have no new pics of the house and the renovations/painting which makes me very very sad. Luckily, this weekend we will be making the trek upstate to check in on the painting and also getting some important stuff ordered such as switch covers/window treatments and hopefully some small stuff to spruce up the bathroom to make it look presentable until we have time and funds to get that renovated.

I am hoping that this weekend the Living Room will be all painted and then also our office, that we put our hearts and souls into painting and had to be professionally touched up *sigh*, will be done as well. Two rooms that feel updated will be nice to hang out in while we get other rooms painted and renovated. Also, we are expecting our new kitchen flooring to be done by the end of August, so that will be another room that I can really start putting our touches on soon! I thought, being the time optimist that I am, that we would have everything done by Labor Day on the main floor...... YEAH RIGHT! Turns out when you can't be there full time working on things it really gets delayed, which is OK since we don't live there, but I am all about getting things done asap and I'm not the most patient person, that is FO SHO!

So here are a few pics of the OLD living room, ala Grandma's style ;)

It should be a nice creamy gray color with bright white trim when we see it next! I will keep everyone updated :)