Why me???!!!!

Seriously, everytime Target has a new special designer (Missoni is in-stores currently) they ALWAYS manage to sell out of all the fab items before the workday starts AND the website was down for the longest time...GRRRRRR!  I would love to show you all said fab items that I wanted, but as I said before, their site is down yet again ... *sigh.

I have instructed my Sister (since she is upstate near a very quiet Target, unlike the Targets in Jersey that have already sold out of everything) to go after work and kindly search the entire store for the items that I really want, but were sold out online. Everyone make sure to send dear Kelsey positive Missoni shopping vibes (specifically the classic chevron throw).

Sorry that the Mr. and I have not posted anything fun on the site to show how far we have come in terms of reno... Magnus has been super swamped with work and he is the master of downloading any and all photos to our laptop. I know I should really learn, but my attention span is that of a flea and I find it really hard to follow as he quickly zips through it all.

Below are a select few photos that should show what is going on with the house for now (new light fixtures/living room/soon-to-be finished floor tiles). Enjoy!

* The "makeshift" curtain ties have GOT to go immediately. They were cute and quirky for the first few times we were up there, now they are just annoying!

*Apologies for the small pictures... not sure what happened in the process of uploading/emailing them to myself.

AND because she his just so darn cute, I will leave you with Emma!

* Hanging out in a homemade fort mommy so graciously made for her ;)