Not so positive side of pregnancy ...

I really try to keep things on the bright side here on this blog of mine, however, can we just discuss for a minute the downside to being pregnant and taking the subway daily? The way people act once they have secured their seat is unbelievable! People will look at your belly, then immdiately look away and pretend they are either: A. sleeping, B. never even saw you and look around at everyone BUT you or C. SO caught up in their book/music/kindle that they couldn't possibly have had the time to look up and notice who was standing in front of them. Now as an avid subway rider, I know for a FACT that you will always notice who is standing directly in front of you... I mean come on! Their crotch is directly in front of your face!!

Chances are I will turn down the offer to sit anyway, because for the select few who were nice enough to offer up their seat, I generally turned them down. However, it would be nice to even HAVE the option to take a load off and not have your legs swell up like elephant trunks first thing in the am.

Attention NYC subway riders .... PLEASE be a gentleman or nice fellow woman and offer the poor preggo person your seat. It's the right thing to do and your parents would be proud!


marcusbalbus said...

you are too much. very funny