Teaser ...

As per usual, we have not yet had the time to upload our camera photos, however, I did manage to snap a couple pics over the weekend on my iPhone to give everyone an update on the upstairs bathroom progress!

The bathroom is pretty much done minus the glass shower door and baseboard. All that is left to do now is buy a hook or two for robes/towels, new door knobs and possibly another mirror for the wall opposite the sink! I promise we will be posting more photos within the next 2 days. I'm really excited how the bathroom has turned out so far... who knew black could open up a room as much as a lighter color?
Another kind of update ....

* 26.5 Weeks and getting bigger Every.Single. Day! (Don't mind my sister's messy bedroom)

I cannot get over how fast this pregnancy is flying by! Between the booked up weekends and busy work week, I sadly feel I am not really able to fully enjoy being pregnant and take any time out to "bond" with the baby girl growing inside of me.  I feel like I should really try to carve at least 10-15 minutes out of my day to play music .... or just talk to my belly (no matter how silly that always makes me feel).